10 July 2011

More Pix from OZ

One of the first things needing to be done was banking, cell phone getting, shopping.  From here on Dorcas st. head over to the Clarendon shopping area of S. Melbourne.  There's a huge variety of shops, major Super Markets, all kinds of restaurants and delis.  Lots of Banks, churches, public services.  And, the South Melbourne Market, a vibrant treasure of a public market.  So here are a few of things seen on the way......

Crooks beware!  Don't prowl except these 4 hours!Weddings.  Lots of weddings each weekend.  The Rolls are ready at this Orthodox church.

This Anglican church is dated 1857

The South Melbourne Market is kinda like the Pike Place Market.

Delis!  Greek, Italian, Turkish, Polish......

Oysters! $1/ea

There is a shrine here on the counter.

The inside market  has fruit and veges too.

You get your Oysters shucked on the spot, then take the tray over to the opposite counter to slurp the briny goodness

These Morton Bay Bugs look like some pre-cambrian trilobite thingy.  They're good though, a kind of lobster.

These lobsters are "Crayfish" locally

This area is only ~13mins by walking.  Lots of ways of making some fun out of things you have to do anyway, like shopping for necessities, eating, socializing.  There are several galleries and even music venues to nourish the soul.

04 July 2011


I've organized some pix from the journey here.  First days.  More to follow.CG  with our ride, a CRJ700 from SEA to LAX

It was a really stormy afternoon.

Virgin B777 from the Sydney Lounge

The Air New Zealand lounge.  Help yourself to lunch and drinks

B737 taxis by

My apartment 

Kitchen area

"Office" area


View downtown from Balcony

CG enjoys Biz class, UAL747

The boys arrive at our new Home away from Home

The view towards the Bay
1st nite out on Expenses

Mike at vortex of Hari Krishnas, Flinders Station

Nearby Clarendon shopping area

Shops near Clarendon

24 June 2011

Hello from Melbourne!

Melbourne is a vibrant, diverse city in a fascinating country.  I hope you will share discoveries with me as I'll be posting updates from time to time.  

We are very busy here and the days are short as it is now winter.  BTW, time and date stamps are off, I don't yet know how to change it!  We are one day (17 hours) ahead of indicated time.

The work at BAA is manufacturing Flight Control Surfaces such as Ailerons, Flaperons and the like for the new 787 Dreamliner.  It is a new process with new materials and comes with some challenges.  The staff are great folks who meet the challenges with typically witty Aussie humor.  I'm glad to be among them and hope to make a real contribution!

That's all for now.  I am off to the Victoria Market while there is still some daylight.